Thursday, January 31, 2008

Environmental Health Safety

Today's generation is fond of all types of junk foods and chocolates. These foods come in plastic wrappers with labels on them. We think that is a fashion. But they cause considerable damage if extreme care is not taken during the manufacturing section. They contain harmful chemicals and cause environmental pollution. To overcome this, each and every company who manufacturers such type of products need to follow certain guidelines laid down by the Government for Environmental Safety.

To test these products regularly, a company called EDSGRP has designed a software called EHS compliance software which measures all the levels of chemicals present in the material to be manufactured. Others such as EHS metrics software and EHS software implementation really takes care a lot in manufacturing better products for the safety of the public.

So, if you are about to release some harmful chemicals which affect the environment, visit this site and take their expert guidance to reduce the pollution levels.

Raj TV launches music channels

Yet another Tamil channel, Raj TV has entered the music industry. Even this TV has started an exclusive music channel to target the youth. Collectively called Raj Musix, this firm has gone a step further by launching channels in all the 4 South Indian languages. As of now, only Tamil channel has started. This music channel adds to the already growing list of music channels in Tamil. The others are Sun Music, SS Music, Jaya Max and Kalaignar Isaiaruvi. This channel in addition to live phone-in programmes also adds SMS contests to benefit many people.

Cheaper hotels in Newzealand

For all those travel lovers, here is another beautiful opportunity. If anyone is willing to go to Newzealand to spend your weekend in this lovely country, the first thing we need is to book hotels immediately for our stay. We need some middlemen to plan our tour to this wonderful country. All our needs and tour travels and accommodations can be taken care by only 1 company. Thery are

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Oscar nominees Part - 3

Surf’s Up

American Gangster
The Golden Compass
Sweeney Todd
There Will Be Blood

The Assassination of Jesse James…
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

Across the Universe
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
La Vie en Rose
Sweeney Todd

No End in Sight
Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
Taxi to the Dark Side

Vacations with Easytobook

If you are planning out for a vacation, the first thing that needs to be done is to book hotels. But in those far off countries, we do not know the hotels that satisfy our requirements. We can easily book a good hotel if we take some care. There are many sites online that allow such things to happen at a free of cost.

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Oscar nominees part - 2

Casey Affleck, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Charlie Wilson’s War
Hal Holbrook, Into the Wild
Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton

Cate Blanchett, I’m Not There
Ruby Dee, American Gangster
Saoirse Ronan, Atonement
Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone
Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton

Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will Be Blood
Joel and Ethan Coen, No Country for Old Men
Tony Gilroy, Michael Clayton
Jason Reitman, Juno
Julian Schnabel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Brad Bird, Ratatouille
Diablo Cody, Juno
Tony Gilroy, Michael Clayton
Tamara Jenkins, The Savages
Nancy Oliver, Lars and the Real Girl

Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will Be Blood
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, No Country for Old Men
Christopher Hampton, Atonement
Ronald Harwood, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Sarah Polley, Away From Her

Enjoy the Caribbean

Summer is approaching within a few months and time has come to book tickets to one of my yet another favorite tourist destination abroad. This time, I have planned to visit the beautiful Caribbean islands near North America. These islands are scenic and attract a lot of visitors during the vacation. There are many beaches were we can take rest for a long period and enjoy activities such as surfing and diving and spend time with my family.

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Oscar nominees Part - 1

Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

George Clooney, Michael Clayton
Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood
Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd
Tommy Lee Jones, In the Valley of Elah
Viggo Mortensen, Eastern Promises


Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Julie Christie, Away From Her
Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
Laura Linney, The Savages
Ellen Page, Juno

Beautiful Scandinavia

If you are planning on a tour to Scandinavia, then the best thing to do is not to visit all those beautiful places first. The utmost thing is to go for a drive in those beautiful roads stretching from Denmark to Sweden to Norway and up to Finland. These roads contain beautiful surroundings with fresh air blowing. The roads are in excellent condition and the traffic signs are clear. Some of the rules and regulations that must be followed while driving in those roads are

  1. Drive on the right hand side of the road throughout Scandinavia
  2. All passengers inside a car must wear a seat belt
  3. Dipped headlights are required 24 hours a day on all vehicle types
  4. The minimum age to hold a drivers licence is 18 years or older for a car.
  5. A warning triangle is a requirement
  6. For motor cyclists, a safety helmet is a requirement

In addition to these guidelines, speed limit is very important without which very hefty fines are collected. Each and every country allows a different limit on the speed of the vehicles. A country like Denmark with comparatively less traffic allows vehicles to go up to a speed of 130 km/h. In Norway the general speed limit on motorways is either 90 km/h or 100km/h. On Swedish motorways the speed limit is 110km/h. Certain stretches will only allow a lower speed limit, due to heavy traffic closer to major cities or driving through treacherous areas. On smaller roads throughout Scandinavia the speed limit will range from 70 to 80 km/h and within residential areas from 30 to 50 km/h.

During our long travel, we become tired and need to take enough rest so that we can drive well the next day. The capital cities of each and every country offer the best hotels in Europe. But to get accommodation in winters is very difficult. So one can book using cheaperthanhotels to get rooms for our family. These Sweden Hotels ; Stockholm Hotels ; Norway Hotels ; Oslo Hotels offer the best treatment to its customers in all aspects. So, book your cab and hotels in this site and enjoy your stay in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

'Robot' title to be changed

Shankar's biggest venture, his forthcoming movie with Rajnikanth was christened 'Robot' by the director himself. But now, everybody feels that the title is not apt for the movie. Also, renaming the movie in Tamil will also provide with tax concession too. Hence, the crew have been planning to either rename it as 'Iyandhiran' or 'Iyandhira'. But according to me, 'Robot' was the most satisfying title

Domain registration

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Senthil's son to get married

Senthil, the yesteryear Tamil comedian is about to become a father-in-law. His son Manikanda Prabu is marrying Janani Priyavanditha on February 3 in Madurai. It is a love marriage with mutual agreement from both the families. Both are BDS graduates. The marriage function will be presided by another comedian and Senthil's long time partner Goundamani who will take care of the entire proceedings. The reception will take place in Chennai on February 6th. All personalities from the film industry are expected to attend the wedding and reception.

Trust source

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Download Ontari songs - High quality - 320 kbps

Hi friends,
Gopichand is back after his huge hit 'Lakshyam' last year. This time he pairs up with Tamil star Bhavana who makes her debut in the Telugu film industry. She is a cute actress who has signed up a lot of films with most of them non-glamorous roles. The movie has music scored by Manisharma just like his other movies. The songs are out and the they are rocking. To download these good songs both at 128 kbps and 320 kbps, click on the link below.

01 Ararey Yemaindi
02 Chepaalanundhi
03 Waare Waare
04 Nee Jimmada
05 O Maare...O Maare
06 Prema Oh! Prema
07 Lakshmi Ksheera Samudra ( Slokam )

For 128 kbps, click here

For 320 kbps, click here

Online casino site

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Chiru Rajasekhar incident

26, 27-01-2008, Bheemavaram: Rajesekhar, Jeevita and his daughters in Bheemavaram to visit the jatara of a famous local diety.

Evening, 27-01-2008, Bheemavaram: The couple holds a press conference before leaving for Hyderabad. Bombarded with questions about Rajasekhar’s political plans and if he would join Chiranjeevi’s party, whenever he launched it. Rajasekhar’s says he would not join the party as Chiranjeevi has no experience in politics.

Night, 27-01-2008, En Route to Hyderabad: Angry fans of the megastar turn up at the railway station shouting slogans demanding Rajasekhar’s apologies.

Around midnight, 27-01-2008, Guntur: Chiranjeevi fans try get into the train from Bheemavaram to confront Rajasekhar over the comments he had made about Chiranjeevi. But do not find him or family in the compartment. Here too, the fans shout slogans.

Around 5:00 am, 28-01-2008, Hyderabad: Rajasekhar’s car attacked by the so-called Chiranjeevi fans as they drove into the city in the early hours, today morning.

8.15 am, Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills: Rajasekhar, Jeevita couple talk to the media gathered as they come out of the hospital after a preliminary check-up by the doctors at Apollo Hospital.

8.30 am onwards, TV9 studio, Banjara Hills: After being driven away to the TV9 studios, Rajasekhar and Jeevita go live. Several calls come in from shocked viewers. Some feel Rajasekhar was not right in commenting about Chiranjeevi. The couple repeats they made no personal comments against the megastar. Say it was their fundamental right to express personal views. Megastar blamed for turning his fans on to them. They ask Chiranjeevi to immediately condemn the violent behaviour of his fans.

Noon time, Rajasekhar’s residence: Allu Arvind brings Rajasekhar and Jeevita to meet the megastar. He talks to them and then addresses the media. Chiranjeevi says sorry on camera to Rajasekhar and Jeevita. Megastar expresses shock and condemns the barbaric behaviour of his so-called fans. Tells his fans that such acts will not be tolerated in future.

Post Chiru’s statement to the press, outside Rajasekhar’s house: Rajasekhar, Jeevita happy about Chiranjeevi’s response. Ask Chiru fans to be more restrained and decent henceforth.

Afternoon, Rajasekhar’s house: Dr Mohan Babu visits the couple, condemns the violent behaviour of fans and calls upon the industry to act as one.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Best casino site

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Download Sundarakanda songs - High quality - 320 kbps

Hi friends,
Sensational Charmme is back after her Mantra in yet another dominating role. This time, its not the horror movie but a beautiful script by the famous direcotor Baapu. Everyone knows his credentials for giving family dramas that were presented differently on the screen and never before by any other person. Here are the songs of this movie. The songs are pleasant to the ears and have beautiful lyrics in them. All are high quality songs 320 kbps

01. Aaku Vakkaa
02. Eloo Eloo Vuyyala
03. Ham Patte Devudandi
04. Kalagantini Amma
05. Okato Yeta Rendu Yeta

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Ashop commerce

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Shahrukh bags prestigious award

In the field of art, Shah Rukh has always distinguished himself from others with his skills, looks, etc. And he has contributed a lot to the world of culture, literature. This is what it actually means, to receive an award called, "Officer of the Arts and Letters", from the French government. Reports suggest that he will be conferred this honor on 27th of January during the opening ceremony of French film Festival in Mumbai. This award will be presented by the visiting French President himself or the French Ambassador to India. Personalities like Mahasweta Devi, Bruce willis , Arundhathi Roy have won this award previously.

Shopping carts

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Star cast for IPL

The BCCI sponsored cricket league has been finally started. The bids for buying cricket teams were on and all the 8 teams were purchased on the very first day at a huge cost. The noteworthy thing here is that Shah Rukh Khan bagged the Kolkata IPL team for a sum of around 75 million dollars. He was pretty much happy to get one. Preity Zinta also won the Mohali team for the sum of 76 million dollars along with her friends. SRK openly expressed his desire to buy a team with the aid of his Red Chillies Entertainment. He wanted Sourav Ganguly to captain his team.

Smorty - a boon for bloggers

Last month, I started this blog without knowing what to put in. Since, I ve started this blog to post about movies, the task was made simple for me. My friend told me the advantages of blogging. But after only 1 month of blogging, I was beginning to lose interest when I heard that there are some sites which pay money for writing reviews but initially I thought those are just pranks played by my friend. But when I was just searching about this topic on the net, I found that Smorty is one such site which really offers money if we write good reviews. On hearing this, my joy knew know bounds. The concept is really simple. We can blog for money too. Advertisers need publicity about their site which many not know. The best place nowadays to give publicity is online. Bloggers are the only people who regularly update their site. Thus blog advertising is the best task. So by offering them some money and in turn asking them to write reviews so that they advertise on blogs about their site and this is a very good task. Smorty, acts as a middleman in providing us with the offers. We will get paid for blogging just by sitting at our workplace. So why delay yourself, immediately register in this site and start earning money.

Jagapathi Babu to act with Rajnikanth in Kucheludu

Reports started to flow in that Rajinikanth and Jagapati Babu will be doing a film together, which is being produced by C Aswini Dutt. The film is tentatively titled 'Kucheludu' for Telugu, though it has to be confirmed yet. Now, we wondered who approached whom for the two heroes to be acting together. So, we are told that it was Rajinikanth who suggested Jagapati Babu’s name.

Incidentally, he is said to have told Jagapati Babu that it would be fun to do the film. The original Malayalam film is an entertainer and Jagapati Babu is happy that he is getting to work with Rajinikanth in a full-length role. Like many heroes today, he too had grown up watching the films of Rajini in Chennai and cannot contain his happiness about getting to share screen space with him.

Best eyeglasses

Buying quality eyeglasses is not a difficult task. But as they are extremely costly, many would find it difficult to buy them. When in such a condition, I found this Great Discovery: Zenni Optical. This opticals manufactures their own lenses for different applications and serve them to their customers at a very cheap price because they are the ones who sell them . The best offer on store is Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses which includes eye prescription too. Thus the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical is the best place to buy our glasses.

Happy Birthday Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja, the dashing Telugu star celebrated his birthday yesterday. His birthday which falls on Republic Day allowed him to celebrate it with the entire nation. He is a very happy man after his recent venture 'Krishna' proved to be the biggest grosser for this year's Sankranthi. He has not yet confirmed his next project but sources say that he would be acting under Puri Jagannadh, the director who gave Ravi Teja a break in the film industry with 'Idiot'. The name of the movie is not yet announced. Speculations are rife that he will make his direction debut soon in the silver screen. Lets all wish him a very happy and prosperous birthday.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Online casinos

If you are an avid casino fan, then you must be playing this game with many of your friends trying to prove them that you are the expert at the game. But we do not know that there are many people who are far more brilliant than us at playing such online poker, casinos and all. So to prove your skills, one must go to any online casino site and play against other opponents to prove their mettle. Top USA Online Casinos is one such site were in you can find the best of players taking part in various games such as rushmore casino, black jacks, pro poker and all. Also this site gives us the details of some of the best gambling sites which are safe and secure to the users. This site also provides many reviews of the users on various gambling sites. It also displays the payout rate and the favourite destination of most of the gamblers. This indirectly helps most of the newcomers to go to the best site and compete against the best in business. There is also an online poker room were one can discuss about many tricks and trades. Thus this site offers the best details on gambling and casinos at a single place so that user need not search for other duplicate sites.

Vaaranam Aayiram update

‘Varanam Aayiram’, Suriya, Sameera Reddy and Divya starrer, faces an unexpected trouble even as 80 per cent of the shooting is said to be completed. Producer Oscar Ravichandiran has filed a complaint against director Gautham Menon for exceeding the budget. According to the producer, the initial budget was fixed as Rs. 10.5 crores. Later, the producer claims that Gautham demanded an additional 3.5 crores to complete the movie. Annoyed by the increased budget, the producer has lodged a complaint in Producers’ Council against the director. He has said that the increase is unbearable. However, the sources close to the unit say that the problem would be amicably sorted out soon and the shooting would resume without much delay. The problem in obtaining shooting permission in various places led to the increase in the cost, inform the sources. The next schedule of the shooting will be held in Delhi, Varanasi and Malaysia. If everything goes well, the movie will hit the halls by the summer season.

Debix protection

Many business people tend to use their cards a lot by giving our their personal identification numbers on more than one occasion. They do not know that this can cause huge damage to their hard earned money if someone by chance gets to know their passwords. These strangers use their pins and draw all the money and hack all their accounts. If such a thing happens, it takes years to again come back to the same position as the person cannot be traced to obtain money from him. So we need to protect our identities. How is this possible???? Debix is one such site which gives us full security in such matters. First of all, we need to register in their site. After registering, we get to know through phone or any other media about any illegal usage of our pins. By informing us, we can confirm to them whether the transaction can take place or not. By this way, all types of theft can be stopped. To help us additionally, they offer their service for another 30 days if we use the Debix promo code. This code can be purchased and use it in their site for additional benefits. So friends, if you really want to protect your identities in this unbelievable world, register in this site with the Debix promotion code and live happily without any loss.

Jalsa to release on March 27

The much awaited movie from Pawan Kalyan with Ileana in the lead, 'Jalsa' is on the finishing track and the producers have planned it to release on March 27, nearing Ugadi. Pawan Kalyan last appeared in Annavaram an year ago and in a cameo role in Shankar Dada Zindabad. The movie is planned on a big budget and has a small shoot to complete it. The technicians are confident that the movie will run well at the box office.

Gift baskets

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Himesh's new heroine

After several actresses reportedly refused to be cast opposite him, the leading lady of the remake of 1980s hit Karz, starring Himesh Reshammiya, has finally been found. Director Indra Kumar's daughter Shweta will make her debut opposite the actor-singer-composer in Karz. Produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar, Karz is a remake of Subhash Ghai's 1980s film about reincarnation. While Shweta is cast in the role played by Tina Munim in the original blockbuster, Reshammiya steps into the shoes of Rishi Kapoor. T-Series has bought the remake rights from Mukta Arts for the original film. Directed by Satish Kaushik, the film also stars Urmila Matondkar, Gulshan Grover, Danny Denzongpa , Rohini Hatangadi and Raj Babbar.

Beautiful Mallorca

I was planning my summer vacation to visit Europe and after intensive browsing on the net to go to the best places, I ve finalised my trip to the beautiful Mallorca in Spain. As a result, I have booked the plane tickets and rooms at Mallorca hotels with the help of This site offers the best range of comfort at a cheaper price than expected even during the peak season.

Mallorca is very famous for its night life, beaches, resorts, art clubs, pubs and all. So there is no moment that you may feel to be alone in such a place. The capital city, Palma de Mallorca has all the ingredients for a tourist spot. Tourists can either book a car, rent a taxi or book at the local tourist office to get a spectacular view of the city. The prices of most of the products are damn cheap here.

For those tourists with interest in gambling, then Ibiza is the best place to be in there. It has got some of the best gambling places in the world and night clubs for us to enjoy a lot. The Ibiza hotels offer the best comfort in Mallorca country. Near to it is San Antonio. If you do not find a hotel in Ibiza, you can book a San Antonio hotels and move from there. In all, Mallorca can enthrall the best of the tourists with its attraction all the time.

Siddarth's next flick

Bommarillu hero, Siddarth has had no projects in hand after Aata. But now, his next movie has been finalised. Though the movie is yet to be named, it would be directed by newcomer Dolly. The story is expected to have a Mumbai backdrop and the music would be scored by the Bollywood trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Rest of the crew details are yet to be finalised. The shooting would start next month.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Combat training

The world which we live in today is not a safe place to stay in anymore. No one can be believed and anything may happen to us at any moment. Hence we must self defensive techniques so that we can tackle any situation that we confront with ease.

So, when I was searching over the net for details about self defense training, i found out this interesting site. This site, called the Close Combat Training was the brain child of Captain Chris Pizzo, world leader in self defense. If you are very lucky enough, you can get hands on training from him if you are above 18. The truth about Martial Arts is that it enables you to maintain a fit body that can be easily controlled and also protect yourself in the best way possible.

He has dedicated his life for the development of his own training kit which we can test it for absolutely free of cost. So, for everyone who is interested in self defense, i would like you to try out Captain Chris Close Combat training kit to learn martial arts completely.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Richest female singer

Madonna, the pop diva has created her name in the book of records. She has been named the richest female artiste in the world, having earned a whopping $72 million between June 2006 and June 2007.Most of her earning came from her Confessions Tour, which is estimated to have grossed some $260 million. Madonna's $72 million take did not even take into account the $120 million contract she signed with Live Nation in October.

The others on the list were Barbara Sreisand in second place with $60 million, Celine Dion in third place with $45 million and Shakira in the fourth place with $38 million. Beyonce Knowles, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera share the next 3 spots respectively.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Light fixtures

If you want to decorate your house beautifully, interior decoration will be very useful. But what is the use making it look dull without any show lights to display the beauty. Hence, the first thing you need to do is to fix some beautiful and stylish lights that will not only make your home brighter but make it to look attractive in the minds of others.

These light fixtures are available in various designs and brands. So which one of them to choose and make one's house look attractive??? If you are in such a dilemma, then do not worry, is the best site to look out for all the light fixtures. This site is like a shop where in you can find all types of lights, manufactured by different brands at a single stop. Users can search based on the designs that he might need such as chandeliers, home lighting etc., or first choose the best brands in the market and then go for the product.

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Catherine Zeta Jones - World's most beautiful woman

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Zeta Jones, the curvy mother of two, effortlessly beat younger beauties such as long-legged Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, 27, who was in 7th place. She also out-classed the new generation of actresses including Jessica Biel, 25, who was in 20th place, and Sienna Miller, 26, (28th place). Surprisingly, winner of most of the beauty polls, Angelina Jolie, did not figure anywhere in the top 50. In fact, both of Brad Pitt's ex-flames Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow also missed out on a place.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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College in name of Ash

Amitabh Bachan decided to gift his daughter in law with a college in her name. He laid the foundation stone for a girl's school and a college. In Uttar Pradesh, Bachan's laid the foundation stone and also organized a grand puja. Speaking to the people of Baranbaki, Aishwarya Rai told that she was very happy regarding the love and affection shown towards her by the people of UP. She also added that Bachan's family will need a lot of co-operation from the people to complete this work and make it a grand success.

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Gunasekhar to direct Prabhas

Gunasekhar, the director who has given a very big hit with Okkadu failed to find success after that with both Arjun and Sainikudu not doing well at the box office. There were rumours that he would direct a film with new comers, then it was NBK who was pitted to work with him. Then some sources said that Chiranjeevi's next movie would be directed by him. But the silence has been broken. It is Prabhas who would be teaming up with Gunasekhar for his next movie which is titled as Katthi.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bad credit offers

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Arjun in Robot?????

Director Shankar's mega budget movie is doing all the talkings in the film circle. With only the hero and heroine names announced, the other cast and crew for this mega budget movie is still in hibernation but everyone is having their guesses. Now, it is heard that Action King Arjun would be roped in to play a pivotal role in the movie. Some others say that he might play as the villain. But none can be confirmed until Shankar opens his mouth.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Australian attractions

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Nenu Meeku Telusa - Memento remake????

Everyone knows that Manoj Kumar, son of Mohan Babu desperately needs a hit at the box office to continue his film career. All his previous films turned out to be damp squibs. Now, he is ready with his next film titled Nenu Meeku Telusa. From the title itself, one can guess that the hero does not know his identity and is asking others about himself. But the fact is that the movie seems to be a remake of Memento, a British film based on the trailer seen. Murugadoss copied the theme of the movie. But here the director seems to have copied the entire script. The climax is the suspense part as of now. It would be better off to see some changes in the movie.

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Cast for M S Raju's next movie finalised

M S Raju, the producer with the Midas touch is ready with his next movie as producer. This time he has roped in Kodi Ramakrishna to direct the film and the title of the movie would be Pelli Vari Illu. From the name itself, the movie seems to be a family entertainer. The cast for the movie has been finalised with Navdeep, Varun Sandesh, Sindhu Menon and Tamanna playing the lead roles. It seems that M S Raju has shelved his directorial skills for some time now after his venture Vaana bombed at the box office.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Best hotels in Barcelona

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Shriya in trouble

Looks like her glamorous outfit in the ‘Sivaji’ silver jubilee function has landed actress Shriya Saran in problem. Shriya wore a offwhite dress which would have looked ultra sexy in a movie but only got her into trouble at the function to celebrate 200 days of Superstar Rajinikanth’s Shivaji, at University of Madras, where Chief Minister M Karunanidhi was the chief guest.

Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) has lodged a complaint against the actress and sought police intervention to take legal action. Police has formally accepted the complaint.

In respose to this the actress has sent an apology letter to the Chennai Police and the Chief Minister. In her apology letter she has said that she was coming from Istanbul in Turkey, where she was shooting for the Hindi film Mission Istanbul, to attend the function, she had no time to change her dress.

However sources say that Shriya went in that dress to impress Shankar and Rajini to consider her again for Robot. Well Shriya…Hope it pays off!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

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Aishwarya in 'Robot'?????

Lot of news and gossips on Rajinikanth’s ‘Robot’ are coming out day in and day out. The latest buzz about the film is that the beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would be paired opposite superstar in Shankar’s ‘Robot’. Shankar who had been to Mumbai recently, was believed to have met Aishwarya Rai.

It is rumored that Shankar went to Mumbai in the first week of January and discussed the script and her role with Ash. Aishwarya, according to the grapevine, had gone through the script thoroughly. She is yet to decide about ‘Robot’.

Shankar is very keen that ‘Robot’ must be bigger than ‘Sivaji’. It is quite natural to rope in a big star like Aish, who has international acceptance, into ‘Robot’, which will be the biggest ever film to be produced in India.

Moreover, since the film is planned to be made simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, Aishwarya will be the right choice, as she has popularity all over the nation.

Aishwarya’s name has been associated with Rajini’s films since ‘Padayappa’. Now he is signed for a new film and the name of Aish surfaces again. It will be interesting to see whether the most popular actress of India will pair up with the biggest superstar of India this time.

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'Robot' name will be changed

Director Shankar who is on the verge of directing the biggest movie ever made in the Indian film industry with the title 'Robot' has announced during Pongal that the title of the movie would be changed to suit the hero. He also said that this is a movie based on science fiction. The movie would exceed Hollywood's budget in terms of special effects present in the movie. He also said that much care would be taken for special effects which would eat away most of the time in the making of this movie. The shooting is expected to start in July.

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Rajnikanth's next movie announced

The suspense surrounding Rajni's next movie has recently come to an end. The Super Star would be acting under the Kavithalaya banner and P.Vasu's direction in the movie titled 'Kuchelan'. Tabu has been announced as the heroine. The movie is a bilingual both in Tamil and Telugu and Vyjyanthi Movies will be producing it in Telugu. The producer K.Balachander said that this movie would be a low budget one as the script demands so. Everyone knows that this is the remake of the Malayalam hit 'Katha Parumboyal' which deeply influenced Rajnikanth. After this movie, the biggest movie in Indian history 'Robot' will be made.

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Walt Disney to produce Marma Yogi

Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan will now join hands with the Walt Disney Productions, who are expected to produce his forthcoming film ‘Marma Yogi’. Walt Disney Productions, which recently tied up with Yash Raj Films for a full-length animated feature film called ‘Roadside Romeo’, wants to expand its operations across the country. So they have decided to start a venture with the versatile actor cum filmmaker. The Kamal-Walt Disney venture will be co-produced by Bharath Bala, who produced A. R. Rahman’s patriotic music video Vande Mataram. ‘Marma Yogi’ will also bring Kamal and Rahman together after a long gap.

’Marma Yogi’ will be a period film, set in the seventh century, which will have erstwhile Bollywood heartthrob Hema Malini. Kamal and Hema Malini had earlier teamed up in ‘Hey Ram’. Asin, the heroine of ‘Dasavadharam’, will play a key role. The film will probably be directed by Kamal Haasan.’Marma Yogi’ is the title of one of MGR's blockbusters (1951), which happened to be the first Tamil film to receive an 'A' certificate. Kamal has earlier done a movie with the title of another MGR film (Sathi Leelavathi, MGR’s maiden venture as hero, which came in 1936). ‘Marma Yogi’ is said to be one of the costliest films ever made in India with a budget of Rs. 90 crore. Kamal will shortly go to the US to discuss the production of this film, which is slated to be shot in Thailand. The shooting might get started by February.

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Chiru to do Krishna Vamsi film????

Mega Star Chiranjeevi, who is busy in the wake of launching a political party needs to serve his fans too. After the disappointment of SDZ, he is busy planning for his next movie. Though sources say that many directors are approaching him for dates and also a patriotic film would be his next, nothing is yet confirmed. Creative director Krishna Vamsi is seen approaching the Mega Star with a script. Already Vinayak has told a story about a patriotic leader. But the sources say that he might accept Krishna Vamsi's movie seeing his regular visits nowadays. No one knows the script either. But his fans are eagerly waiting for the result.

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Rajnikanth - Best Entertainer of 2007

Super Star Rajnikanth made South India proud by winning the Best Entertainer Award for the year 2007 presented by NDTV Indian of the Year programme. He beat another main contender Shahrukh Khan to grab this prestigious award. His movie Sivaji directed by Shankar turned out to be the biggest grosser this year in the Indian film industry. He received this award from Dr.Manmohan Singh. Lets wish him all the best in his future projects.

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Heroines - prime focus inTollywood

From being the mandatory glamour fixes in films to having roles being scripted for them, the Telugu film actress has finally arrived.

Be it ‘Anasuya’, released last December, where Bhumika Chawla plays the lead or ‘Mantra’ starring Charmee, the heroine in the film has held fort. Both films have been huge draws at the box office.

Strapped in the cute-n-bubbly college-going roles, actresses have for years lamented the absence of different roles in the country’s biggest film industry. When their counterparts in Bollywood had started waking up to experimental cinema and started playing unexplored roles, leading ladies here were still singing in the rain, watching the heroes call the shots.

No longer. Stories are now being written with women actors in mind, shootings schedules are being planned only after confirming their availability. Most importantly, they are being paid what they are demanding.

“Just before ‘Mantra’ was released last month, Charmee did not allow the producers to put off paying her remuneration. She made it an issue so that she would not get a raw deal,” film industry sources said.

Incidentally, these films are also named after the leading women. Be it ‘Anasuya’, ‘Mantra’ or ‘Satyabhama’ or for that matter even ‘Maisamma IPS’, the film carries the name of the female lead.

Leading the pack of heroines who have started working on their terms and conditions is Bhoomika Chawla. Her film ‘Anasuya’ in which she plays a television reporter released on December 21 last year is doing well at the box office. She was also the major attraction in ‘Satyabhama’ (both Anasuya and Satyabhama were named after Chawla’s character in the film), released on July 6, 2007. In fact, in 2003 itself with ‘Misamma’ that the actress showed that a heroine could hold the fort on her own and that a big hero was not necessary for a movie.

Chawla is leading a pack of heroines who have replaced the conventional hero. Some of them are charging a remuneration of up to Rs 20 lakh for each film. “Giving up glamourous roles could be a big risk for a heroine but some of them are willing to take such risks. And their gamble is paying off,” a trade analyst said.

Take for instance ‘Mantra’, a low budget action-packed thriller starring Charmee in the lead. Released in December last, the film earned Charmee rave reviews and established itself as a hit in the box office even as a superhero’s much hyped film was floundering.

And if a Mumaith Khan, so far, may have danced only in item numbers to make men miss a heart beat, she managed to carry an entire film on her often exposed shoulders.

And there is more on offer. Tabu, Sanghavi and Sindhu Tolani have all been cast as main leads in films that have either been released or are under production in the Telugu film industry.

Actor Sanghavi who seemed to have vanished from the scene is making a return with a film titled ‘Indrani’ directed by M A Chowdhary. Sanghavi has a meaty role to play in the film which is about how a woman handles the situation when the family has been deceived by someone. Sindhu Tolani is playing the main lead in T Prabhakar’s ‘Bathakamma’.

Mumaith Khan was imported from Bollywood for item songs in Telugu films but after her lead role in ‘Maisamma IPS,’ she is getting more such roles. The movie was released with 121 prints, something unheard of for a movie without even a hero in the film. She is also doing the main lead in ‘Mangathayaru Tiffin Centre’.

Director Chandra Siddharth is directing ‘Edhi Sangathi’ which will give acclaimed actor Tabu an opportunity to showcase her talent in Tollywood, after having made her mark internationally.

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Dasavatharam creates record

Dasavatharam - the latest sensation from Kamal is creating waves in the film industry has created another record. This movie is going to release with 1200 prints which is the highest for any film in India. The team has postponed its release date twice but now it has finally announced that the movie would release on April 10, 2008. The flick is making record by releasing all over South India with 275 prints in TN, 225 prints in AP, 75 each in Kerala and Karnataka, 300 in Hindi and 250 prints overseas. This movie is going to be yet another milestone for Kamal.

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Mega Star's next movie - Aadinayakudu

Mega Star Chiranjeevi, after his disappointment with Shankar Dada Zindabad is planning busily for his next movie which would be his 149th flick. The movie would be a message oriented one on the concept of a freedom fighter who fought in Rayalaseema. The movie is to be directed by V V Vinayak. The script is being made by none other than Paruchuri brothers. So we can expect it to be a movie with big and heavy dialogues in it. The music would be scored by Manisharma. Nothing has been confirmed yet. Lets wait and see.

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Shriya's dream

Shriya, the gorgeous actor who is on cloud nine after the success of Sivaji dreams big. She says that she wanted to own a big mansion in London bigger than some palaces there. Already, she owns 3 big houses, one in Hyderabad, one in Mumbai and the other in Jaipur. Now she is planning to buy one in Chennai all money coming from her films. Shriya also has many projects lined up both in Tamil and in Hindi. She also has signed in a Hollywood movie for which her remuneration is in crores. Who knows, with this money, she might buy a mansion in London and fulfill her dream.

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Rajamouli's next movie with Balakrishna

Rajamouli, the most successful director till date has announced his next venture. The movie is a big one with none other than Balakrishna. It seems that the story has been finalised and shooting is expected to start this year end as Rajamouli has just started Ram Charan Teja's next movie which is going to be launched in grand style. Also, Rajamouli has just finished his Visakha Express which promises much in terms of entertainment on screen.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kareena Kapoor to appear in bikini

Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor is going to appear in a totally new avatar. Don't get confused? She will appear in a bikini in her movie with Yash Raj films. Yash Raj usually makes big budget films and most of them are big hits at the box office. Many actresses have shown their skin in such movies. Everyone remembers Bipasha Basu in a two piece in Dhoom-2 which was a Yash Raj movie. Now Kareena is trying her best to appear slim enough so that her bikini scene would attract more audiences.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Portugal-the best tourist destination

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'Aavakaaya Biryani' - Shekar Kammula next venture

Shekar Kammula, the most happening director in the Telugu film industry after the success of his Happy Days has announced his next venture. He is busy tuning up for his next venture titled 'Aavakaya Biriyani'. The title seems really odd but the director justifies it by saying that it suits the script. The movie would be directed by his executive producer, Avinash. Going on the lines of Happy Days, this movie would have totally new faces shown and the talent hunt is in full flow. If everything goes right, the movie would be formally launched in February.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Allu Arjun's movie to be released in May

Allu Arjun, the dashing star has not been seen on the screen for the past 1 year and his fans have to wait still for his next movie to hit the theaters. His current movie, directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar is going at full pace and is expected to be released in May. The movie's title is not yet finalised but Romeo and Premikudu are the names that have been hearing for the past some time.

Mallika checks Puri's credentials

Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat has been approached by the young director Puri Jagannadh with a story that is suited to her. The lady has shown a lot of interest in the script and as a result checked the background of the director by a lot of enquiries. If all the conditions are met, she would be soon seen on the Telugu screens acting. Lets hope for the best.

Asin going great guns in Bollywood

Asin, the gorgeous actor from Kerala has been going in the right path for some time now and her film career is on a high. She how has shifted her base to Mumbai leaving the South. Now, she is busy acting in the hindi remake of Gajini and as a result, many other offers are on line for her. She is getting offers to act along with Shahid Kapoor, Salman Khan and also as the daughter of Big B. But she has not yet finalised any new projects.

Friday, January 11, 2008

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Rajni to do Robot

After much speculation in the film circle on who is going to act in Shankar's dream project 'Robot', it has all been narrowed down to Rajnikanth doing it. The movie first had Ajith doing the lead role. Then SRK accepted it to produce and act it. But it was declined. Then there were rumours that Mega Star Chiranjeevi might do it. But it is the same combination who are again going to rock the audiences. Rajni-Shankar combo after Sivaji is sure to be a treat to the audiences and with this being the director's dream project, much can be expected from it. The official announcement is said to be made during the silver jubilee awards of 'Sivaji'.

Ramanaidu enters Guiness Book

Its time yet another Telugu person enters the Guiness Book of World Records. This time, it is the big producer and dad of Venkatesh, Dr.D.Ramanaidu who made it to the records for his production of movies in 9 different languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Hindi, English etc., Though not popular in other regions, he has contributed a lot to the film industry. Lets wish him all the success.

Chandra Siddartha's next flick

Chendra Siddartha who gave us the touching movie that one should necessarily watch in his/her life 'Aa Naluguru' and later another decent movie 'Madhumaasam' is getting ready to launch his next movie titled ' Idee Sangathi' which has Abbas and Tabu playing the lead roles. It has come to be known that the movie is entirely based on a novel called 'Nuvve Kaadhu'. Lets hope that this movie fares well at the box office.

Trisha to act with Nag in his next film

Tamil heroine Trisha who is one of the leading ladies in the Tollywood is currently very busy signing films after films. She has currently completed the shoot of Krishna with Ravi Teja in the lead. Now, her dream has come true. She is roped in to play along with Nagarjuna in his next film directed by Srinu Vaitla. Everyone knows the Srinu's movies are completely different and has much scope for comedy. Seeing the cast, one can think that this big budget movie can be a box office hit. Trisha can now be happy to realize her dream.

Ajith is now a proud father

The wait is over. Star couple Ajith and Shalini are now proud parents after Shalini gave birth to a baby girl in Apollo Hospital, Chennai. This is a very good new year gift for the couple. This comes after the success of Ultimate Star Ajith's Billa. The parents had earlier said in an interview that they have no preference for a boy or a girl. The name of the girl is yet to be known. Lets wish them a happy year ahead.